Powerful and Flexible Divi UI Kit
For Restaurant and Coffee Websites

Not the usual multipurpose theme, but a UI kit designed and developed for the catering industry.

Introducing Tasty UI Kit

Tasty is powerful and easy to use Divi UI Kit. It allows you to create anything like complete restaurant websites, coffee landing pages, coming soon, homepages etc in no-time. It comes with stunning pre-build niche sections to make your life even easier to use it directly for your projects.

Save Time

Find the section. Upload the section on your Divi Library. Add it to your design. Fast and easy.

Save Money

Tasty UI Kit allows you to save hours and hours of design planning. Skip the design phase and start assembling your site by choosing from over 80+ pre-made sections

Launch On Time

Use Tasty UI kit to launch your next project in time. More time for new projects, more free time for yourself.

Play, mix-n-match… have fun!

Find the sections you need, upload them into your Divi Library, done!

Make your workflow super fast

Tasty is build with Divi and contains 80+ pre-made sections, which allows you to create anything you want in few minutes.

The best result with the least effort

Our ready-to-use sections will allow you to drag and drop it with a simplicity and flexibility that no child themes can offer. Which makes it even easier to create something surprising in a moment, not weeks.

Constantly updated

We constantly update Tasty and we keep adding new layouts to make it even stronger day by day. You will receive all updates free for lifetime.

100% Mobile Responsive

All sections are optimized for on any device: smartphones, tablets, computers.

Drag & Drop Easy

Drag & drop any section you like into your library, then mix-n-match until you are satisfied with your own unique layout.

No plugins required

You don’t need any plugins to make our layouts work.
Our motto? less plugins is better!

Fully White Label

Each section is 100% white label. You can use Tasty to create sites for your customers in total relaxation.

Visual Builder Compatible

All sections are 100% compatible with the Visual Builder. You can use Features as an “Extend Style” for super fast customization.

Easy customization

All elements, images, icons, colors and fonts can be changed in no time.

All Categories Sections

Here is an overview of the sections include in our Divi UI Kit.


8 Sections


11 Sections


10 Sections


20 Sections

Call To Action

8 Sections


3 Sections


4 Sections


5 Sections


5 Sections


5 Sections


4 Sections

Turn your workflow into a Piece of cake!
Get your copy of Tasty UI Kit now.